Foodie in Lamu: A review of Lamu Food Festival


Hey lovers of food , I hope each one of you is well. I know I have been MIA for a while now, because I have been super busy with school and a whole lot of irrelevant stuff, but thank you for sticking with me. Lets kick start this post now and I hope you enjoy the read.

So about four days ago I got an opportunity to attend the Lamu food festival. For those who do not know about it , it is a food fest that happens once annually in Lamu. Combine food and festivities and out comes a bust, of fun filled eating experience. The main goal of the festival is to showcase the different swahili cuisines that they have to offer, also participating restaurants and celebrating the rich culture of Lamu.




The opportunity was presented to us , us here means me and my onja team . Onja team is a group of food bloggers who cover different matters related to food in relation to blogging and impacting the food industry , more so they are food industry influencers . So as I was saying it was presented to us by Kaluhi Adagala of Kaluhi’s kitchen , who had a talk with the organizers of the event to bring in food bloggers to have a feel of the fest and be able to share it to with their readers.


I have a lot in store for you especially restaurant reviews I did in Lamu. This particular post will mainly touch on the review of the fest and present you a gateway of the various activities and places visited , through my lens.

We left Nairobi on Friday around 2 and we got to Lamu at 5 in the evening flying with Flysax. When we arrived at the airport we were picked by Fauz Ali who was one of the event organizers and we used a speed boat from Manda Airport to Shela where our hotel was at.



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



We stayed at Kiwandani house which is under The  Moon Houses and I must say it was truly breathtaking.



Lamu is really beyond beautiful , un believeable and extraordinary surreal place. The white sandy beaches , the architecture and the coastal swahili vibes , is what gives it the unique factor . The breeze blowing the palm trees, slow sound of the ocean brings out its beauty .It soothes the mind, body and soul.


IMG_4634On the horizon the sunsets and the silhouette of dhows sailing is magnificent and a memorable sight to see. Lamu boasts of rich culture and history. Culture runs across the board and it is deeply rooted in the veins of the people as every aspect of their day to day lives is all linked to their cultural beliefs and values. 

Lamu food festival started on 15th and ended on 17th of this month. My take on Lamu food festival is that it was a bit of a disappointment.



I was disappointed on so many levels because , I had high expectations in terms of execution, products availability and participation. There are some parts of the festival that I had no problem with but the main theme of it was not brought out .

IMG_4715 IMG_4701


In my mind when you bring such a festival in a superb location such as Lamu one expects a lot especially the coasterian food to be present. When we went to the town center where it was being held there was  limited food being sold like we didn’t see what we were hoping to have a glimpse of and indulge in.  We wanted to see lots and lots of food either being cooked or sold in different booths. We only made three stops before it was all over.


We were anticipating alot of food items will be sold but,it was quiet the contrary. I was really not expecting that because it is supposed to be a very big event. Maybe it was poor planning as people anticipate more when it comes to such events.




Lastly , some of the vendors did not have enough or even any info on some of the various sample produce and dishes they were displaying. So I also questioned the criteria of how they get the vendors to participate with regards to if they are able to fully and articulately give detailed information on what Lamu food industry has to offer.

On the positive side  I enjoyed doing the reviews, the service was great and of course the organizers of the event were really amazing and helpful. Thank you to Hon. Samia Omar and Fauz Ali  for welcoming and showing us the beauty of Lamu. All in alI I enjoyed my experience in Lamu the food was amazing, the people were great and I loved the cultural aspect of the people. You should make a point of going there as it is absolutely incredible.

I have a couple of reviews and I can’t wait to share with y’all. Until then….Adios


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